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El Yunque National Forest Tours

El Yunque National Forrest Tours

Do you need an escape to refresh your soul? If you do, then El Yunque National Forest should be on top of your to-do list. This enchanted rainforest park is the perfect destination for individuals who want to escape into the complete wilderness. During your trip to this natural gem, you can swim in the natural pools or go for a hike in one of the trails.

This natural treasure is the only tropical rainforest in the US, and the indigenous Taíno community refers to it as the white lands. El Yunque is home to a diverse ecosystem, thanks to ample rainfall and fertile soils.

 Let’s explore the famous El Yunque National Rainforest.

Top Attractions in El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque National Forest is every naturalist’s dream destination. You can do so much in this natural wonder in this 43.75 square miles rainforest. Continue reading to discover top things to do in El Yunque National Forest.

Hike in One of the Many Trails

This tropical rainforest is every hiker’s delight due to its natural pools and many hiking trails. La Coca Trail is among the most hiked trails in the forest. Perhaps most hikers love this trail because it has several ponds to cool off.

El Angelito trail is perfect for hikers looking for more fun. This 4 km trail ends with a rope swing and a dive into the lagoon. Other popular trails in El Yunque National Forest include:

Los Picachos– A challenging trail that offers a panoramic view of the east coast.

Mount Britton– A 45-minute hike on a narrow trail with three rest stations

Caimitillo Trail– Among the most accessible hikes in this natural rainforest.

El Toro Wilderness– One of the most challenging hikes in the rainforest. This steep trail ends in the highest point of El Yunque National Forest.

View a Diverse Eco System

El Yunque National Forest is home to unique wildlife and plant species. The rainforest has more than 240 plant species that thrive thanks to the climate and fertile soils. You can also watch unique bird species during your visit.

You can expect to come across green mangos, the Puerto Rican Parrot, and woodpeckers. This diverse ecosystem is responsible for the pure air and scenery in the forest.

Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery

El Yunque is the perfect destination for couples and individuals who what to escape into the beautiful wild. Make sure to head over to the Yokahú Observation Tower to enjoy the lush green mountains and the blue ocean. Remember to carry your camera to capture great photos that make your friends jealous.

Water Sports

Grab your gear and head over to El Yunque National Forest for some water sports, including snorkeling, diving in the lagoon, and swimming.

How to Get There

Island Journeys has created the perfect itinerary for hiking, water activities, relaxation, and nature in El Yunque National Forest. Our passionate local tour guides can’t wait to help you experience the stunning El Yunque National Forest. Book your El Yunque National Forest tour now.