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Did you know that more than 3.5 million tourists visited Puerto Rico last year? This Caribbean island is every tourist’s dream destination, thanks to its breathtaking bioluminescent bays, rich history, picturesque beaches, and nearly perfect climate. If you are looking for the ideal vacation destination, Puerto Rico should be on your list. But before you book your ticket to Puerto Rico, you must find a great place to stay. The truth is that where you will visit will make or break your experience.

Whether you are looking for a beachfront hotel with spectacular sea views or a boutique hotel on a quiet island, keep reading to discover the most amazing places to stay in San Juan, according to the locals.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Puerto Rico

With 18 official neighborhoods, Puerto Rico’s capital has something for every tourist. You only need to consider your itinerary to pick the most suitable place to stay. Let’s discuss each neighborhood and what it offers in detail below.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan, also known as Viejo San Juan by the locals, is one of the most frequently visited neighborhoods thanks to its proximity to top attractions and rich history. Some of the top attractions you should visit during your stay in Old San Juan are Castillo de San Cristobal, Bautista Cathedral, La Fortaleza, El Morro, Puerta de San Juan, and Paseo de La Princesa. Apart from these historical attractions, Old San Juan is also home to exceptional fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels, and a sandy beach.

Also, there are plenty of food kiosks and bars to choose from. It’s also the perfect place to stay for party lovers and nightlife enthusiasts. However, Old San Juan tends to be more expensive than other neighborhoods. Besides, it can get noisy at night.


Miramar is one of the most serene neighborhoods in San Juan, making it the top-destinations for tourists who want to escape the chaotic city life. The good news is that it’s close to San Juan’s top attractions. Whether traveling with family or looking for a quiet place to stay during your solo business trip, Miramar is the place to go. With plenty of top hotels and luxury restaurants to choose from, you will find precisely what you are looking for easily. Most of these hotels have state-of-the-art facilities, such as WIFI, conference rooms, and audiovisual equipment so that you can conduct your business meetings smoothly.

After that, you can relax in sports convention halls or infinity pools. Better yet, visit the museums in Old San Juan to get a taste of Puerto Rico’s rich history. One of the most significant downsides of staying in Miramar is taking a cab to visit San Juan’s sandy beaches and other top attractions.


If you are looking for a neighborhood with picturesque ocean views, then Condado should be at the top of your list. It’s also the perfect destination for families due to its proximity to top attractions, serenity, and world-class hotels. Most hotels in Condado have five-star facilities like swimming pools, hot tubs, rooftop terraces, and spas. Aside from the luxurious hotels, this area is home to fantastic boutique hotels. If you are traveling with your family, there are several family-friendly activities in Condado, including cycling, paddle boarding, kayaking, scootering, and watersports. Unfortunately, Condado gets crowded at night sometimes. You will also have to take a ride to visit the top attractions in Old San Juan.

Isla Verde

Isla Verde, also known as the green island, is another excellent place to stay when you visit Puerto Rico. With world-class hotels and restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice when looking for the best accommodation in Isla Verde. Also, you can stroll down Carolina public beach, Isla Verde beach, or Pine Grove Surfing beach for a picnic or build a sandcastle with your significant other. You can also enjoy other water sports with your loved ones, including surfing, flyboarding, catamaran rides, paddle boarding, jet ski rentals, and boat tours.

After spending time on the beach, you and your loved ones can explore Hacienda Campo Rico or visit Old San Juan later. However, hotels in Isla Verde can be pricey due to the demand and proximity to Old San Juan.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park should be your go-to destination if you want a neighborhood that offers amazing nightlife and beachfront hotels. Ocean Park is home to urban beaches ideal for beach volleyball, paddle boarding, catamaran rides, and kitesurfing. You will also have plenty of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants to choose from after an unforgettable experience at the beach. Moreover, you can easily access the top attractions in Isla Verde, Condado, and Old San Juan. However, remember that Ocean Park is not the ideal place for swimming due to the waves.

Let Us Help You Select the Perfect Place to Stay in Puerto Rico Now

There you go, your complete guide to the most amazing places to stay in San Juan. If you are ready to experience San Juan,  talk to us today to plan a quality, innovative, and socially responsible excursion.