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With breathtaking bioluminescent bays, beautiful forests, tropical weather, and rich history, this Caribbean destination is well worth the hype. But what is the perfect time to visit Puerto Rico? It all depends on your preferred activities, weather, and budget. So, keep reading to discover the best time to visit Puerto Rico based on the weather, prices, and fun activities.

Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico Based on the Weather

Whether you prefer hot summer beach days or love the calm and less clouded winter days, Puerto Rico’s weather accommodates everyone. Here is a breakdown of the climate in Puerto Rico over the year.

December to March

The dry season in Puerto Rico runs from December to March. During this period, the weather is much more pleasant, and it is the best time to relax on the beach or explore all the beauty that Puerto Rico offers. However,  the beaches might be flocked because many tourists flock to Puerto Rico during this season.

April to November

The rainy season in Puerto Rico starts in April and ends in November. Temperatures can get as high as 89°F and as low as 64°F during this period. August is the wettest month on the island, with 7 inches of rain. Since the weather is not so favorable, April to November is the off-peak season.

June to November

The hurricane season in Puerto Rico runs from June to November. The peak months for hurricanes and storms on this Caribbean island are august, September, and October. Since tourism levels are usually low during the hurricane season, beaches and hotels are less crowded. If you are planning to explore Puerto Rico during the hurricane season, remember to check the NOAA’s hurricane center five days before leaving.

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Best Time to Travel to Puerto Rico for Surfing

Puerto Rico is home to some of the world’s best surfing beaches, such as Tres Palmas, Domes, Maria’s, Playa La Ocho, Lapared, and more. If you’re planning to surf in Puerto Rico, the months between September and December are your best bet. You are likely to find tasty waves to surf during this period. Sometimes the swells are fun and manageable for novice surfers. Puerto Rico’s surfing sports are usually crowded in the peak season. If you want to avoid crowds, the rainy season, which runs from April to May, is less crowded.

Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico for Snorkeling

The dry season from December to March is the best time to visit Puerto Rico for snorkeling. During this period, you won’t have to worry about tropical storms and hurricanes. It’s also the least rainy. Puerto Rico is every snorkeler’s dream destination because it offers unmatched visibility and perfect weather conditions for the better part of the year. Additionally, sea temperatures range between 26°C to 29°C throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico for Warm Beach Days

If you are planning to explore the sandy beaches in Puerto Rico, the dry season from December to April is perfect for warm beach days. The weather is more pleasant during this season. However, short rain showers are a common occurrence in this period. The island receives more rain in August. The average temperature is around 89°F, making it ideal for swimming.

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Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico With Your Family

If you are planning to explore Puerto Rico with your family, the dry months between December and March will let you explore everything the island offers. The temperatures are warm enough to swim on one of the beaches. You can also soak up the sun or go snorkeling during this period. However, you are likely to encounter large crowds. The best time to avoid the crowd is the rainy season starting from April to November. However, the hurricane season begins from June to November, and it might not be safe for your family.

The Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico to Catch Local Festivals

If you want to enjoy Puerto Rico’s rich history and culture, you will be happy to know that this Caribbean Island hosts numerous festivals all year round. Parties and festivals in San Juan are breathtaking and colorful. It is also a great time to enjoy authentic delicacies and drinks. The famous La Calle San Sebastian takes place in Old San Juan in January. You can also celebrate New Year’s Eve in style at one of Puerto Rico’s unique hotels. Another top festival you do not want to miss is Nochebuena, which takes place all over the island on December 24th.

Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico for Cheap Prices

Puerto Rico’s top attractions and hotels are less crowded between August and November. Therefore, it’s the best time to visit the Caribbean Island on a budget. According to the JetRank market research team it seems like you will find cheap hotel prices and flight tickets during this the slower seasons of August and November. Unfortunately, you might be unable to explore all the beauty Puerto Rico has to offer due to hurricanes and storms.

The Bottom Line

Puerto Rico generally has amazing holiday weather for the better part of the year except for the hurricane season. If you are ready to discover more about the best time to visit Puerto Rico, please get in touch with us today.