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Puerto Rico Beach

Top Beaches in Puerto Rico to See This Year

Puerto Rico is home to beautiful islands and amazing white-sand beaches. It is one of the best Caribbean destinations for your vacation. Take the time to soak up the sun, go deep-sea diving, and visit the beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.

With over 300 beaches to choose from, choosing the best one can be quite a challenge. The good news is that this #1 Caribbean destination has a spot for everyone. Please continue reading to discover the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

Crash Boat

Also known as Crashboat Beach, the Crash Boat beat is located in the famous municipality of Aguadilla. You can do so much here, including scuba diving, swimming, fishing, surfing, and snorkeling. You can also take the time to visit the famous El Natural diving spot.


Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach is among the most popular beaches in the world. This perfect white sand beach does not experience any waves at all. Visitors usually fall in love with turquoise waters and warm sand on the beach. Catch some rays or swim in the quiet waters or visit the mainland to experience a strong culture in Puerto Rico.

Cayo Icacos

Located in the famous Fajardo town in Puerto Rico. Cayo Icacos is famous for its clear water and several miles of reefs and multiple schools of fish, and almost all types of marine creatures. Take the time to snorkel as you enjoy the breathtaking view of unique marine creatures.

Best Puerto Rico Beaches

La Playuela

La Playuela is located in Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico. Tourists worldwide visit this half-moon-shaped beach every year to experience its unique and magnificent scenery and turquoise waters. La Playuela is the perfect beach if you plan to lazy all day under the sun rays or to stroll the beach as you check out the amazing surroundings.


Domes is one of the many beaches in Rincon, Puerto Rico. It is the perfect beach for any surfer who plans to spend the day surfing the turquoise water and basking in the golden sun. It is also ideal for whale watching during the cold winter months. However, Domes is not the ideal swimming destination. Thankfully, you will get to enjoy horseback riding and amazing surfing competitions.

Puerto Rico Beach

La Monserrate

Found in the famous Luquillo town in Puerto Rico, La Monserrate is popular, thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities. This makes it the ideal destination for large groups and families. The calm waves and low tides make it one of the most family beaches in the world. What is more, the beach has a camping and picnic area for those who wish to lazy all day.

Cayo Aurora

Also known as Gilligan’s Island, Cayo Aurora is found in Guanica, Puerto Rico. While it is not recognized as a beach just yet, there is no denying that the cay is one of the clearest in Puerto Rico. This famous cay gets its name from the popular TV show. The only way of getting here is through a rented kayak or private boat.


Montones is located in Isabela, Puerto Rico, and it is one of the most family-friendly beaches due to its shallowness. The tides are also depthless, making it ideal for children.