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jumping into the river in Puerto Rico

What is the Best Time to Travel to Puerto Rico

The Caribbean archipelago of Puerto Rico is famous for its all-year balmy climate and is the perfect vacation destination all year round. Most of all, tourists from all over the world flock to this unincorporated US territory every year to visit the famous Culebra and Vieques Isles, historic forts, thrilling caves, mountainous tropical rain forest, and bioluminescent bays.

If you plan to visit this enchanted island, it would be best to do so during early spring or winter. The Island experiences perfect weather and good deals during this season. That is why folks from regions with cold and wet winters flock to this Island during the winter and spring months. Keep reading to discover the best time to travel to Puerto Rico.

river in the Rainforest

Best Season to Travel to Puerto Rico- Winter

The best season to visit Puerto Rico is the winter. Although you will have to make do with the large crowds and high hotel prices, you will find balmy weather and sunny beaches during winter. This means you will have ample time for outdoor activities such as zip-lining. You can also bike or splash under waterfalls in the tropical rainforest, El Yunque National Forest.

You can also experience magical Puerto Rico nights at Mosquito Bay’s bioluminescent beach or watch the migrating humpback whales. If you plan to visit Puerto Rico during winter, it is advisable to book your trip two months before and to start looking for a comfortable and conveniently located hotel early on.

Best Month to Travel to Puerto Rico-May

The best month to travel to Puerto Rico is May. First off, you will find affordable hotel prices and fewer crowds since the busy season just ended one month ago. Moreover, hurricanes and the rainy season is yet to kick in just yet. Temperatures in this enchanted Island are around 70 Fahrenheit to 80 Fahrenheit. You will also get the best entertainment, the Puerto Rico Comic Con, in May. This famous comic lasts for three days and is hosted at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan.

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When Not to Visit Puerto Rico

 Puerto Rico experiences perfect weather throughout the year. However, the summers can get too hot and humid. Temperatures are around the 90s during the hot summer months. What is more, Puerto Rico beaches are usually crowded during summer since most children are at home. Besides, the unpredictable hurricane season usually starts in July and ends in November. You can still have a good time visiting the caves and waterfalls to cool down.

If you are planning to visit the enchanted Puerto Rico Island, make sure to check out Island Journeys. We offer the best Island tours to give you the best experience. 



Recent Reviews of Island Journeys in Puerto Rico

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Victoria Z.

I had a great time! My first time in Puerto Rico and I’m so glad I booked the Combo Tour. The guides were super nice. The hike can be tough at certain parts, you definitely need to be somewhat athletic to do it. I was able to cross off my bucket list item and jump off a cliff into the water! For the kayaking part, the view was absolutely amazing. Book it!

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Jenn R.

We had just the best time with the tour guide Luis as we called him Papi Luis and Patricia. These tour guides made everything very understandable and they were extremely personable. They took the time to make sure that things were done properly and with safety which is exactly what you want going on an excursion like this. We felt challenged, we had tons of fun, and overall we felt safe in our all girls group. These two specific tour guides went above and beyond to accommodate us and anything that we wanted we are grateful that we were had this wonderful experience.

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Sara A.

What an amazing experience this was!!! Let’s begin with the staff- they are so nice, friendly, kind, fun and professional. They began the trip with instructions and introduced themselves ane also asked the group to introduce ourselves so everyone can be comfortable. The tour was amazing and they did an amazing job encouraging us to complete the hike and also do the natural water slides and the jumps. They also provided us with freshly cut fruits. The rest of the trip was great too with lunch/dinner before going onto kayaking. I loved how its an all day experience. If you are new to Puerto Rico or are bringing someone new with you, I recommend this experience because its such a nice way to get to know what the island has to offer. My only complaint is that the cameras they used to take our pictures are not really good quality. I wouldn’t have mentioned this if i had my phone with me. Since the whole experience involves being immersed in water, you cant take anything that gets wet or you must have a water proof case to protect it which i did not have. And so i expected their camera to be of high quality. But I am happy that they took pictures and sent it to us. I really loved the experience and also grateful for the staff and their hard work.