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Puerto Rico is known for its rugged mountain landscapes, tropical jungles, fortresses, waterfalls, and amazing beaches. If you plan to visit Puerto Rico this year, you are probably wondering whether you need a passport to visit this Caribbean island. Well, you might need a valid visa to enter Puerto Rico, depending on your nationality. For instance, United States citizens traveling from within the country don’t need a visa to Puerto Rico. However, citizens from other nationalities, including Mexico, need a valid visa or passport to enter or leave Puerto Rico.

So, read on to discover whether you need a visa to go to Puerto Rico.

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Do I Need Visa to Puerto Rico?

Yes, you need a valid visa to visit Puerto Rico unless you are among the nationalities that do not need a valid visa to go to Puerto Rico, such as USA and Canada. However, you must provide some identification documents even if you don’t need a visa to enter the Caribbean island.

Do US Citizens Need Visas for Puerto Rico?

If you are an American citizen traveling from one of the states in the US, you will be glad to know you don’t need a visa or passport to visit Puerto Rico. This is because Puerto Rico has been a United States territory since 1917. That means that visiting Puerto Rico from mainland destinations is considered domestic travel. Similarly, flying to Puerto Rico is also considered a domestic flight. However, you still need some identification to enter the Caribbean, including an official government-issued ID and birth certificate.

You will also be glad to know that US citizens can travel to the US virgin island from Puerto Rico without a visa. All you need is your official ID. These identification documents prove that you are a US citizen.

Do You Need a Real ID to Travel to Puerto Rico?

Currently, US citizens can travel to Puerto Rico with their driving licenses. However, the real ID act requires US travelers to have a real ID to board domestic flights and access various federal facilities from May 3rd, 2023. That means that you will need a passport to enter Puerto Rico if you don’t have a real ID.

Do the United States Permanent Residents Need a Passport to Enter Puerto Rico?

US lawful permanent residents don’t need a passport to enter the Caribbean island if traveling from a mainland destination. You can enter Puerto Rico using your immigration papers and a driving license. However, it’s still advisable to bring your passport and green card.

Do Non-US Citizens Need a Passport for Puerto Rico?

Yes, non-American citizens need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico, depending on their nationality.

Do Canadian Citizens Need Visa to Puerto Rico?

No, citizens of Canada don’t need a visa to visit Puerto Rico. However, you still need to present a valid Canadian passport at the border checkpoints. After arriving in Canada, go to the immigration counter immediately to show your Canadian passport and get an entry stamp.

Puerto Rico Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

  • Submit the necessary health documents
  • Ensure that your passport has more than two blank pages
  • Enough funds for your stay in the territory and return flight

Do Mexican Citizens Need Visa to Enter Puerto Rico?

Yes, you must get an embassy or consular visa to travel to Puerto Rico. Please ensure you have a valid passport with at least two consecutive blank pages. Also, take the time to confirm your passport’s expiry date. Moreover, the passport should have at least six months left before the expiry to enter Puerto Rico. Above all, contact the nearest consulate or embassy of Puerto Rico to ask about the required documents and how long the visa application takes.

Visa Free Countries to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico allows citizens from certain nationalities to enter the country without a visa. Some of these countries include:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Bermuda
  • United States Virgin Islands
  • Marshall islands
  • Bahamas
  • Palau
  • Federal State of Micronesia

Countries that Need a Visa for Puerto Rico

Approximately 190 countries need an embassy or consulate visa to travel to Puerto Rico. Citizens from these countries must get a business visa, work visa, tourist visa, resident visa, student visa, or transit visa to enter the territory. Some of the countries that need a consulate or embassy visa for Puerto Rico include:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Mexico
  • Moldova
  • India
  • Colombia
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Most African countries and more

How to Apply Visa to Puerto Rico?

To get a visa to Puerto Rico, visit the nearest US embassy and fill out a consular visa application form. After that, you will bring the form for an in-person interview and other supporting documents depending on the Puerto Rico visa type you need. You must also pay a mandatory visa fee or the visa application.

How Much is a Visa to Puerto Rico?

The Puerto Rico visa fee varies depending on the visa category, visa validity, and services. Contact the nearest US embassy to determine the actual application fee for getting a Puerto Rico visa.

Planning to Travel to Puerto Rico? We Can Help

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