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Puerto Rico is an excellent vacation destination for people worldwide. It is an island with a distinct culture, fantastic sceneries, and sumptuous local dishes. It is a place where most people can enjoy the Caribbean and if you have never been to Puerto Rico, make sure you visit, and you won’t regret it. 


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There are so many things to relish in Puerto Rico. Once you are in Puerto Rico, you will need a place to stay. Here is the compilation of the best places to stay in Puerto Rico for you to choose what suits you:


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Vieques island

Vieques island is a great location, and it has wild horses, black-sand beaches, and all the pleasures that one enjoys on an island. You can sleep in hostels such as Hix Island House, which is very luxurious. The best place to get a mouthwatering dish on the island is the Foodie Esperanza. 

One significant highlight of the Vieques island is its popular blue bioluminescence which you can enjoy at Mosquito bay. You will also enjoy staying on the island if you are a nature-lover. It would be best to exit the main island using a ferry to get to the island. 


Old San Juan

Old San Juan is famous, and it is an ideal destination for people who enjoy good food, local culture, and historical landmarks. It is home to El Morro and Paseo de la Princesa, which attract huge crowds. If you decide to stay in Old San Juan, you will find that most tourist attraction sites are a walking distance. 

It also has incredible nightlife and lots of restaurants. One restaurant you can get good Puerto Rican food from is Punto de Vista. Punto De Vista is an ideal place to take your food as it has a rooftop where you can enjoy the sunset as you munch your delicacy. 

However, there are cons to staying here: it is too noisy due to the many people in the area. If you value quiet over the numerous advantages of staying there, you should choose another location.

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Rincon is where you should stay if you want a peaceful and quiet place. Like all the other places in Puerto Rico, Rincon has beautiful scenery. It is a town where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets; hence, its nickname ‘Town of Beautiful Sunsets’ and a place where you can surf and enjoy the beach. 

During winter and spring, you can enjoy whale watching in Rincon. However, it is far from many tourist attractions, so consider this before choosing Rincon. It is also affordable if you are looking to cut your budget. 


Rio Grande

If you want to be near to the only tropical forest in the United States, El Yunque National Forest, it would be best if you settled in the Rio Grande. It is also near huge cities, Fajardo and Luquillo, with beautiful beaches. There are many activities, such as ziplining, hiking, sliding down waterfalls. It is also an area that rains a lot due to the tropical forest; hence it is essential to have an umbrella.



Ponce is the second-largest city in Puerto Rico. It is similar to Old San Juan, and it has multiple historical buildings and landmarks. It is centrally placed and has many restaurants. However, food in these restaurants may be expensive. 



Fajardo is a center where you can spot the most transparent waters. It also hosts one of the best hotels on the island, known as El Conquistador Beach Resort. You can enjoy the coast’s breathtaking view as you enjoy your cuisine. Also, if you have kids, they can enjoy a new waterpark in the hotel. Other things to do in Fajardo include visiting the bioluminescent lagoon and enjoying the beaches. 


Bottom Line

Puerto Rico is the place to visit and stay. There are plenty of sites where you can set up your tent as you explore Puerto Rico. If these meet the descriptions you are looking for a place, try it out. Every place mentioned in this guide has its perks, and the chances are that you will enjoy staying in whatever location you choose. 


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