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Popular Hikes in Puerto Rico

Hiker’s Dream

Puerto Rico is a US territory known for its incredible culture and tropical weather. Thanks to its gorgeous rain forests, mysterious caves, picturesque beaches, misty mountain tops, and hiking trails, the territory is every hiker’s dream. If you need an escape into the wilderness, here are some of the best hiking trails in Puerto Rico.

El Yunque National Forest

The indigenous Taínos community calls this national gem the white lands and the throne of the god Yucahu. This natural wonder is the only tropical rainforest in the country. The rain forest is approximately 45 minutes away from San Juan and is famous for its fantastic tropical weather, picture-perfect waterfalls, and hiking trails.

This natural gem is also home to a diverse ecosystem. The most visited trails in the rainforest include the El Yunque trail, which ends in the misty mountain tops at more than 1000 meters elevation. The Mount Britton Tower Trail is also a famous train due to its panoramic view. Other popular hiking trails include Los Picachos, Angelito trail, and La coca trail.

Guánica State Forest

Located 2 hours away from San Juan, Guánica State Forest is an extensive tropical dry forest in Puerto Rico. Due to its diverse ecosystem, the forest has earned a UNESCO biosphere reserve designation. This tropical dry forest is home to unique bird species and plants.

It also has twelve hiking trails, including the challenging Fuerte Caprón and the picturesque Meseta trail. Other top trails in Guánica State Forest include Bosque Estatal de Guánica and Guayacan Centenario.

Cueva Ventana

Cueva Ventana is situated on top of a limestone cliff in Arecibo. The cave overlooks the picturesque Rio Grande de Arecibo valley. Grab your hiking gear and spare approximately 1 hour to hike Cueva Ventana. You can also take your time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and capture great photos.

Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge and Salt Fields

If you are planning to discover more about salt mining in Puerto Rico while hiking, then the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge and Salt Fields is the perfect destination for you. This beachside hike is ideal for biking trails and flat hiking. You can expect to spot unique bird species, fish, and breathtaking ocean views during the hike.

Guajataca Forest

Situated in the northeastern area of Puerto Rico, the Guajataca Forest is a unique tropical forest for your hiking adventure. This stretch of more than 2,350 acres is home to a diverse ecosystem and fantastic hiking trails. Cueva del Viento, or Wind Cave, is a limestone cave that offers breathtaking forest views. You can also hike the Interpretative trail to spot unique birds and scenery along the way.

Tres Picachos

Tres Picachos is the perfect hiking trail for hikers who love a challenge. Get ready to use rope assists to climb more than 1,200 meters to the highest peak.

Experience Puerto Rico

If you want to experience these breathtaking hiking trails of El Yunque National Forrest, make sure to book the best local tour guides. We can also help you find where to stay in Puerto Rico, just contact us. Our passionate local tour guides at Island Journeys can’t wait to help you explore the island’s natural wonders, beauty, and culture.