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Puerto Rico Travel Guide

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Puerto Rico, famous for its sea breezes, slow-roasted pork, and swashbuckling history, is the go-to tourist destination for everyone looking for pleasure and paradise. The Island is known as La Isla del Encanto, and for all the good reasons.

The Island is one of a kind and is the ultimate destination for all Caribbean lovers and party animals. With numerous mysterious caves, rainy parks, beautiful beaches, great mountains, swashbuckling history, and incredible climate, Puerto Rico has something for everyone. Here is your Puerto Rico travel guide.

Puerto Rico and Hurricanes

Puerto Rico has seen it all and weathered several storms. Just recently, Puerto Rico was anxiously preparing to face two of the worst hurricanes in the Island’s history, hurricane Irma and Maria. Hurricane Irma struck first, causing havoc and extensive damage on the Vieques and Culebra Islands. Hurricane Maria would strike after one week, causing more severe damage than hurricane Irma. It is the worst hurricane to have hit this grand Island in 89+ years.

Although hurricane Maria caused severe damage, Puerto Rico continued to persevere as it always does. La Isla Del Encanto has gone through so much, but it always comes out on top.

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Famous Puerto Rico Caribbean Beaches

Puerto Rico is the go-to destination for all Caribbean lovers. With more than 270 miles of coastline on this incredible Island, you have more than 300 beaches to choose from when you visit Puerto Rico. The Sandy trails and stunning pools of crystalline waters will leave you satisfied, regardless of what you will do on the beach.

And that is not all, the beautiful shores and coral reefs with a riot of fantastic fish will leave you in awe all weekend. You can visit Cabo Rojo or Vieques if all you want is to take a walk on of the best stretches of sand in the world. What is more, you will have plenty of guesthouses and resorts to choose from if you decide to spend a night or more.

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Vibrant Culture

Although the busy roads and tall condos might get you thinking that Puerto Rico doesn’t have a rich culture, the reality is that this Island has a visceral culture. Beyond the city life, you will find several eateries specializing in suckling pigs and unique salsa beats. What is more, you will come face to face with the museums and coffee plantations. Puerto Rico’s culture has been shaped by all that the Island has gone through.


Puerto Rico’s Thick Forest

Even Caribbean lovers cannot say no to the temptation of the thick forests in Puerto Rico. The Island’s mangrove labyrinths are home to wildlife, while the green glint of the forested hills will leave you in awe. Start by visiting the only tropical rainforest- El Yunque National Forest in the country to awaken your adventure desires.

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