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This is one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico according to these two major news outlets

Our El Yunque Rainforest and Bio Bay Tour was just featured in these two major news publications as one of the best things to do in all of Puerto Rico, take a look!

Puerto Rico, a destination for Beaches and Adventure…Where can you visit? by La República, one of Latin America’s most trusted publications

Trekking in between waterfalls

…The adventure continues in el Yunque, the only rainforest National Park in the US, deep within the Luquillo mountain range. Despite being one of the smallest in the country, it has a vast amount of biodiversity. Because of this, it’s common to run into wildcats, bats, birds, lizards or Coquí frogs during a trek through the park’s guts.

Bathing in its waterfalls, lakes and rivers is not only a must in the area, but when considering all of Puerto Rico. 

Before returning to the civilized world, you must immerse yourself in Laguna Grande, one of the three bioluminescent bays in the country, and one of five in the world. It’s a spectacle of flashing lights that only happens after nightfall. “It only takes running your hand through the water to see the all the little stars”, says Nicole Baez, from Island Journeys, a company that puts together kayak tours to enjoy this experience.

Featured as part of the article “Puerto Rico, the coolest of the Caribbean” from El Mundo, Spain’s biggest and most respected newspaper.


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