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aerial view of ocean and beach in puerto rico

From the harmony of birds in the lush rainforests of El Yunque to the seemingly endless supply of attractions in San Juan, Puerto Rico is made for experiencing tropical bliss.

It almost seems as if this captivating Caribbean Island always has a sense of summer in the air. However, Puerto Rico is prone to receiving a few rainy spells throughout the year.

What few people know is that traveling to PR during the hurricane season can actually become the holiday of your dreams. With cheaper accommodation and flights, you’ll be able to book your beachy break on a budget.

Are you wondering how to travel during this time without letting this stormy time rain on your parade? Take a look at an in-depth guide into what this time brings and how to make the most of your trip during hurricane season in Puerto Rico.

When is Hurricane Season in Puerto Rico?

The rainy season is from April to November, but June onwards is the time period most likely to acquire a hurricane in its midst. During this time, Puerto Rico has its late summer season (July to August).

This season is characterized by warm weather, but there are often fewer tourists swarming the warm waters of Puerto Rico’s dream-worthy destination.

Hurricane season for Puerto Rico is also during early fall, which also has a diverse range of weather conditions to expect (come rain and shine). As hurricanes can be predicted days in advance, you can plan your travels accordingly if you stay alert to any government weather warnings.

Pros and Cons Traveling in this Season

The benefit of traveling during this season is you’ll generally receive cheaper rates for many of your main travel expenses (flights, accommodation, etc.). You’ll also be able to travel on this beautiful island without the hassle of long lines at various attractions during the busy season.

The obvious con is that you’ll put yourself in a vulnerable position if a hurricane does hit Puerto Rico. This period is also the wettest season on the island and could potentially lead to activity cancellations near rivers and the sea.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Season – What to Expect

hurricane fiona damage in puerto rico

Hearing the term hurricane season might have a slightly frightening connotation; the high-risk weather conditions of this phenomenon are not as common as you might think.

The devastation when hurricanes directly hit locations on the island in the past should not be ignored, but this season can be navigated safely in order to have a fantastic holiday. You can have a penny-friendly prance in paradise by staying informed on any storm or hurricane activity and preparing for treacherous weather.

From hot and humid conditions to sudden rain, you’ll need to pack strategically when traveling during hurricane season. You’ll more than likely experience a heavy supply of rainfall during your trip this season, but this usually occurs in bursts of showers rather than lengthy durations. Soon after rain hits, you’ll find the clouds will part and offer some sunshine.

Rain generally occurs during the afternoon, so if you’re looking to beat any unwanted showers, it’s best to start your day early. Be sure to monitor weather conditions in other regions and locations of the island, as different parts of Puerto Rico may have sunnier skies during that specific time.

Hurricanes can be predicted by modern technology, so keep your travel dates flexible and consider buying travel insurance as a precaution. The west and east sides of Puerto Rico are known to be most likely to encounter hurricanes, so you can always plan to stay further away from these areas as an extra precaution.

Things to do During Rainy Days

dark clouds over a rainforest in puerto rico

While rain has a tendency to come and go fast on the island, Puerto Rico has a variety of activities to venture into if you’re looking to stay dry. With a culture that is known for its vibrant and energetic characteristics, here are a few options to provide some heat on a cold day:

  • Take a rum distillery tour – This Caribbean island is known for producing some of the best rum in the world with the help of its sugar cane plantations. In Bayamón, you’ll be able to find the oldest rum produced on the island at this stunning manufacturer.
  • Visit Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico – This arty haven is the perfect place to roam around and wait out the rain in a culture-infused bliss. This museum is located in San Juan and has about 24 galleries to peruse on this stoic establishment’s third and fourth floors.
  • Get your muscles moving at a dance class – From the passionate pleasures of Salsa to the traditional style of the Bomba, you’ll be able to experience this colorful culture in a unique way by learning a dance art form. This way, you’ll be able to dance the night away in style on a night out in Puerto Rico’s nightlife

FAQ- Hurricane Season in PR

a flag flying by a beach in puerto rico

Let’s take a look at a few common queries in order to shed some light on the trials and tremendous times this season can provide:

What is the Worst Time to Travel to Puerto Rico?

If you’re a bargain-hunter, March would be the heaviest burden on your bank account. With holidays and sun-seekers streaming in, you can expect to pay a heftier price for flights and accommodation.

Hurricane season is considered a higher risk to travel, and the peak of this season is in September. This is where you can expect a more frequent tendency for tropical storm warnings, canceled flights, and unruly weather that could put a damper on your travel itinerary.

How Often and How Many Hurricanes Have Hit Puerto Rico?

Statistically, Puerto Rico has a likelihood of experiencing a hurricane as little as four times a year. It’s hard to determine the exact number of hurricanes that have affected Puerto Rico, as not all of them make direct landfall on the island.

What is the Best Month to Visit Puerto Rico?

To answer the query of when is the best time to go to Puerto Rico, you’ll once again need to consider what factors are most important to you as a traveler. A great way to pick the perfect month is to find a balance between fantastic weather and one of the cheapest times to visit Puerto Rico.

Late April to May is the ultimate time for travelers to grab a deal and divine weather days. Puerto Rico in May is generally considered to be in the midst of a shoulder season.

What Are Some Tips When Traveling During Hurricane Season?

While preparing for the worst can be a morbid task, you would rather be safe than sorry when traveling during higher-risk times in Puerto Rico. Be sure to enable any warning notifications in case evacuation is advised for any upcoming hurricane predictions.

It’s also essential to keep any emergency numbers handy (such as local police and hospital information) if anything dire should occur. This period is often not considered the best time to travel to Puerto Rico due to the potential risks, but travelers can create unforgettable memories.

Final Thoughts on PR Hurricane Season

hurricane fiona damage on a street

Hurricane season finds its way to the dazzling blue waters of many Caribbean islands each year, including Puerto Rico. With lower accommodation costs and ample space to set up your umbrella at Puerto Rico’s busiest beaches, this season is an option for travelers willing to take a gamble.

Once you’re clued up on the potential risks and take the correct protective measures, the rainy season Puerto Rico provides can become a breeze to navigate.

Are you looking for the various slices of tropical heaven this island provides? Take a look at these Puerto Rico vacation spots to enjoy during hurricane season.